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Our Fairfield office is conveniently located in the BrickWalk in downtown Fairfield.  This full-service office offers on-site digital x-Ray, Physical Therapy, and convenient off-street parking.

Valley Orthopaedic Specialists in Fairfield is a full-service orthopaedic practice providing comprehensive, personalized musculoskeletal care. Our team consists of the best orthopaedic surgeons and doctors in Connecticut, and we are ready to help you bring your joints and muscles to full health.

Why Choose Us as Your Fairfield Orthopaedic Doctors

Just like you wouldn’t trust a dentist with brain surgery, you shouldn’t trust a general doctor with musculoskeletal issues. As highly qualified Fairfield orthopaedic doctors, we will effectively diagnose and treat all of your sprains, strains, sports injuries, development issues, and joint problems with a strategic plan of action.

When you visit our Fairfield orthopaedic doctors, the first step will be a complete on site evaluation using our advanced x-ray technologies and years of expertise. We will then determine the most effective, yet minimally invasive course of treatment that will help you get relief fast. In fact, even though we are orthopaedic surgeons in Fairfield, the majority of our patients are successfully treated without any surgery necessary.

About Our Fairfield Orthopaedic Practice

As a patient at our Fairfield Connecticut orthopaedic facility, you will receive a world-class experience, utilizing the finest technologies and methods in the field; yet, you will also receive the personalized, compassionate care that you would expect from a small orthopaedic practice. We are dedicated to treating you with the highest level of care, with specialists in every facet of orthopaedics. At our Fairfield orthopaedic clinic, we have doctors in each of the following specialties:

  • Sports Medicine– For any type of sports injury involving the knee, hip, back, ankle, shoulder, or anywhere else.
  • Physical Therapy– To help you regain full function and feel like yourself again.
  • Total Joint Replacement– Our modern joint replacement technique can make your hip, knee, or any other joint, feel like new.
  • Fracture Care– With an onsite, advanced diagnostic system, your fracture can be properly diagnosed and treated faster than ever.
  • Spinal Care– Conservative treatment of all common and complex spine issues.
  • Foot and Ankle– While these body parts are complex, our orthopaedic surgeons in Fairfield can treat them with ease.
  • Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery– You rely on your hands and arms for many every day tasks—let us help you regain full function so you can complete them easily.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery– With small incisions and special instruments, we are able to perform precise surgical procedures with minimal down time.
  • Worker’s Compensation– Our Fairfield orthopaedic doctors provide the swift medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment required for worker’s compensation claims.
  • Pediatric and Adolescent Care– Smaller body frames mean more specialized treatments are necessary. Our team of orthopaedic surgeons in Fairfield will treat your children with extreme caution as they get them better quickly.
  • Interventional Pain Management– Whether it is chronic neck or back pain, our pain management program can bring you the relief you have been searching for.

When you have any type of musculoskeletal issue—whether it be chronic or acute—visit the team at our Fairfield, Connecticut, orthopaedic clinic. Our doctors and surgeons will provide you with top-class, personalized orthopaedic care that will get you feeling better than ever in no time at all. To learn more, contact our orthopaedic doctors in Fairfield today.

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