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Our Shelton office is centrally located off Bridgeport Avenue. In addition to orthopaedic consultations this full-service office offers on-site digital x-Ray, Physical Therapy, and Interventional Pain Management.

Why Choose Us as Your Shelton Orthopaedic Doctors

If you've ever had a sports related injury or any type of discomfort in your back, you know exactly how difficult it can be to get back to normal. A lot of people choose not to see a physician, believing these to be minor injuries. As with most injuries, treatment often means a lengthy recovery time. Depending on the issue, you may not fully recover without intervention of some sort.

At Valley Orthopaedic Specialists, we're fully versed in every type of musculoskeletal issue. The Shelton CT orthopaedic clinic provides expert services, including pain management, surgical intervention, and physical therapy to assess your injury and develop a personalized plan of action to remedy your discomfort. Whether you've tweaked a muscle in your back or are experiencing a chronic problem, Valley Orthopaedic Specialists can help.

Shelton Orthopaedic Doctors Offer a Variety of Services

There's no reason to suffer through pain without treatment. Even a slight injury can impact you significantly. At our Shelton orthopaedic clinic, we bring a wealth of experience in surgical and physical therapy options to alleviate discomfort. We also educate patients on optimal musculoskeletal health to diminish the chances of re-injury.

Here are a few of the orthopaedic services we offer:

  • Pediatric Care. At our offices, we realize that there is a significant difference in the way that juvenile injuries should be treated. That's why we have members on staff who specialize in pediatric care for children and young patients.
  • Sports Medicine. For athletes, musculoskeletal health is a high priority. We offer a full range of care for athletes who want to stave off permanent injury and heal quickly to get back to their sport safely.
  • Spinal Care. When dealing with any injury of the spine, it's important to consult a physician who specializes in this type of care.
  • Pain Management. Each person handles pain differently. We work with a variety of interventions to treat the underlying problem and to help patients safely manage pain for optimal comfort.
  • Physical Therapy. Physical therapy provides an excellent treatment program for a wide variety of injuries, to alleviate pain and get you back to full strength faster.
  • Surgical Options. Our surgeons have a wealth of experience in every type of musculoskeletal issue.
  • Workers Compensation.We are well versed in treating worker's compensation claims so that you can have all of the records you need, while getting the highest quality of care for a complete recovery.

Are You Looking for Orthopaedic Surgeons in Shelton CT?

Whether you're looking for a Connecticutorthopaedic doctor to treat a specific injury or are in need of a full-service orthopaedic clinic to help you treat a chronic condition, contact us today. We offer state of the art treatment options to help you get back to your best health.

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