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Quarry Walk Plaza
220 Main Street, Suite 1F
Oxford, CT 06478

Walk-in Orthopaedic Care

Our Oxford office is conveniently located in the medical office building in the Quarry Walk Plaza. In addition to orthopaedic consultations this full-service office offers orthopaedic urgent care appointments, on-site digital x-ray and an expansive Physical Therapy center.

A convenient main entrance and ground floor access with curb-side parking allow for enhanced accessibility for our patients.

Why Choose Us as Your Oxford, CT Orthopaedic Clinic  

Have you experienced a musculoskeletal injury in the Oxford area? Whether it's a minor injury or something that needs to be treated immediately, the best course of action is always to find a specialist experienced in that field of medicine.

At Valley Orthopaedic Specialists, our physicians, surgeons, and physical therapists bring a wealth of knowledge to every type of injury and condition that impacts your movements. Your first visit with us will include a full assessment using state of the art imaging and techniques. Whether your child has suffered from a sports related injury, or you have an ongoing issue with one of your joints or your back, our full services orthopaedic clinic in Oxford Connecticut can help.

Oxford Orthopaedic Clinic Services You Can Rely On

Whether you've had a traumatic event that led to your injury or you have a chronic condition that needs to be managed, Valley Orthopaedic Specialists in Oxford can help you achieve better health and optimal pain management.

Here are a few of the orthopaedic services our clinic offers:

  • Physical Therapy. Many musculoskeletal injuries can benefit from simple physical therapy sessions to help relieve pain and treat the underlying cause of injury. Therapy will often include basic manipulation and exercises to help you regain better use of the area and help to reduce chances of further injury.
  • Full Assessment and Imaging. Our specialists offer full assessments of your discomfort to arrive at a precise diagnosis for better, more individualized treatment.
  • Surgical Options. At Valley Orthopaedic Specialists, we have surgeons on staff who specialize in every type of musculoskeletal injury to offer the least invasive options with the best outcomes for your condition. Surgical options may include treatment for back, joint replacement, head and neck injury, and upper and lower extremity issues.
  • Juvenile Orthopaedic Specialists. When your child has an injury, it's important that they see an orthopaedic specialist who has extensive experience in juvenile orthopaedic conditions. There are different best practices for children that should be followed for optimal recovery.
  • Pain Management Options. Pain management is an integral part of the process in recovery. Excessive pain can diminish the body's ability to heal and put stress on your overall health. At our Oxford clinic, specialists work to devise an individualized pain management plan to best meet your needs.

Our clinic is well versed in care for sports related injuries and conditions associated with aging. We've worked extensively with worker's compensation cases as well, so you can rest assured that you'll receive proper treatment and record keeping to help with your claim.

Searching for Orthopaedic Doctors or Surgeons in Oxford CT?

If you're looking for the best orthopaedic specialist in the Oxford area, contact us today. We offer a full range of treatment options to help manage your pain and treat the underlying causes.

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