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Orthopaedic Urgent Care for Athletes and Sports Injuries

Orthopaedic urgent care centers offer several benefits for athletes who may encounter sports injuries. Although many sprains and minor fractures can be treated at general urgent care clinics, fractures and other musculoskeletal injuries that are more serious are often best handled by orthopaedic experts.

Orthopaedic urgent care facilities are different from traditional urgent care centers because most are located within larger facilities, offering a front door to a practice that is fully staffed by experts. These centers specialize in orthopaedic care, ensuring you get the treatment you need from well-trained orthopaedic specialists. Most of these walk-in orthopaedic clinics also provide a far greater inventory selection on-hand than traditional centers do, such as braces, slings, boots, and more specialized treatment solutions.

Benefits of Orthopaedic Urgent Care for Sports Injuries

Unfortunately, sports injuries tend to happen when they’re least expected. When they do occur, fast treatment is necessary to expedite recovery time. At our orthopaedic urgent care, patients receive fast, convenient treatment for a wide variety of musculoskeletal sports injuries, such as hip injuries, rotator cuff injuries, ACL tears, tendon conditions, traumatic joint and bone issues, meniscus tears, and other common injuries in sports.

Traditional urgent care centers may not have the knowledge or staff needed to handle more complicated sports injuries. Our expertise and years of experience treating these types of injuries ensures athletes receive cutting-edge care for the fastest sports injury recovery.

We provide X-ray imaging on-site which simplifies and expedites diagnosis and care for sports injuries. Our facility also has physical and occupational therapists who can help patients long-term as they recover from their injuries. From on-site injections, therapy, casting services, and bracing, these are all services we provide to help treat sports injuries effectively. 

The Valley Orthopaedic Specialists Difference

At Valley Orthopaedic Specialists, our orthopaedic urgent care provides athletes with shorter wait times, fast treatment, and specialists experienced in treating sports injuries. You’ll receive a fast diagnosis, and with the help of our skilled orthopaedic specialists, we will quickly get you on your way to recovery. When you experience a sports injury, you want to work with a team to help you get back to the sport you love. We’re happy to offer same-day appointments, or you can walk in for treatment whenever you have an emergency. Contact us today at 203-734-7900 or visit us at our Oxford or Shelton location to get the fast, quality care you need.